List of Bangla programmes

Qur'an ki Roshni
Dare to Ask
Aaiye, Qur'an se Ham
     Zindagi Sanwaare
  Allah par Bharosa
  Islam mein Aurat
 Allah aur Rasool (Saw)
     ki Mohabbat
 Allah Tala Sabse Bada Muhafiz
  Islami Shariat ki Khususiyat
  Islami Arthoneeti
 Dil Mein Khouf Dilanewala      Hadeesein
  Better Half or Bitter Half
 Islamic Vision
 Zayeef Hadees Gadhne ki Aham      Wajah
 Kitaabut Tawheed

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Peace TV Bangla can
be tuned in on Satellites

Position: 68.5° East,
Downlink Frequency: 4149.50 MHz
Symbol Rate: 15.000 Msps,
FEC: 7/8
Polarization: Horizontal,
Transponder: LM21C, DIGITAL-QPSK DVB-S
Reach: Asia, Middle East, Australia and Africa

Position: 97º West,
Downlink Frequency: 11929 MHz
Symbol Rate: 22000 Msyb/s,
FEC: 3/4,
Polarization: Vertical,
Transponder: 11,
Modulation: DVB-S, MPEG-2
Reach: USA, Canada, Mexico and Caribbean Islands

eLife TV : Channel 784 (UAE)


Media & Islam

Islam, today, is the most misunderstood religion. It bears the brunt of misconceptions and hate propaganda.

The powerful mass media, aligned to deceitful political and corporate interests, spreads these misconceptions virulently... worldwide.

While portraying Islam, integrity and reliability are bypassed by the media with professional charm and finesse.

Wise and apt Islamic viewpoints are seldom covered in the mainstream media, whereas aberrations by a few misled Muslims are highlighted.

Muslims hardly have any hold or influence on major media, especially TV. They instead, exhibit an apologetic attitude and an inferiority complex.

Peace TV English, Urdu & Bangla in the Caribbean, Canada & USA

Our Speakers
Dr Zakir Naik
A medical doctor by professional training,
Dr Zakir Naik is ...

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Abdur Rahman Madani
BA (Hons) Arabic Language & Islamic Studies (1994) from the Islamic ...
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Mutiur Rahman Madani
Secondary School Diploma from Madarasa Islahul  Muslimeen Bhadu, Malda,
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Shaikh Abdul Qayyum
MA Teaching Arabic to non‐Arabs, 1987, Imam Muhammad bin Saud...
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Shaheedullah Khan Madani
Name : Md. Shahidullah Khan ...
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Shah Md. Waliullahi
Father's name: Mohammedd
Ramij Shah....

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Shaikh Haroon Husain
Head of Languages, Jamiatul Ummah ..
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Saifuddin Bilal Madani
Teacher of  Madrasatul Hadith,
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Shaikh Muzaffar bin Mohsin
Name: Md. Muzaffar
Hosain ...
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                                and many other speakers...