Family name:   Azadi
First names:   Md. Abdus Salam       
Date of birth:   10-03-1969
Civil status and numberof dependents:   Married, 3 Children
E-mail:   sazadi786@yahoo.co.in

Present position:
Head of Languages, Jamiatul Ummah School, London
Years within this firm: six years

 Institution:  University of London
 Date: from / to:  From Sept 2008 to Nov 2010
 Degree obtained:  Post Graduate Diploma in Education on Arabic Language
 Institution:  University of London
 Date: from / to:  From Sept 2003 to Nov 2006
 Degree obtained:  PhD in Islamic Studies: Research Topic: Theory of 'Iqaamat Al-Deen': An Analytical and Comparative Study between views of Abul A'la Mawdudi and Abul Hasan Nadawi

 Institution:  International Islamic University Malaysia
 Date: from / to:  Sept 1996-Jan 1999
 Degree obtained:  MA in Teaching Arabic as a second language, Arabic for Specific Purposes (ASP)

  Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1: excellent; 5: basic)
 Language  Reading  Speaking  Writing
 English  Near native   Near native   Near native
 Arabic  Near native   Near native   Near native
 Urdu  1  3  1
 Hindi  4  2  4
 Bengali  Mother Tongue  Mother Tongue  Mother Tongue

Membership of professional bodies:
1. Director, Foundation for Quality Education, London.
2. Treasurer: Global Aid Trust UK
3. Director, Quality Education School and College, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
4. Consultant Noabenki International School, Satkhira, Bangladesh
5. Founding President, Beacon foundation, Shyamnagor, Satkhira, Bangladesh.

Other skills:
Computer operation i.e. MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, basic web design, operating central libraries, reading and preserving manuscripts.

Key qualifications:
I am fortunate to have combined three key qualifications in four different countries- General and Religious Studies in Bangladesh, Modern and Classical Arabic language and literature with Islamic Studies in Medina, Saudi Arabia, Modern Applied Linguistics (Teaching Arabic as a second language ) in Malaysia, and finally, Islamic movements and groups in the 20th century.

A. Book:
- Islamisation of Arabic Language, Cairo: Maktabah Al-Manarah, 1st Edition, 2006

B. Articles and stories (Some selected titles):
-" Al-Naharu Yajree" (the rivers goes forever), King Saud University (Riyadh): Risalatul Jami'ah, Vol.7, 1990. PP 8.
-“Linguistic views of Abul Hasan Nadawi" Riyadh:  Al-Adab Al-Islami, Special Issue on the contribution of Abul Hasan Nadawi, vol.26-27, 1421 H. pp 68-75.
-“Components of Developing Language: Examining the views of Abul Hasan Nadawi and Dr. Ibrahim Madkoor" Kuwait: Al-Mujtama', Vol 1388, 2000, pp 48-49
-“Islam and modern trends in literature", Dhaka: Kolom, Vol.21, 1997, pp41-49.